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Why Should You Offer a Discount Program?

In the changing healthcare landscape, employers are struggling to find ways to provide complete benefits without increasing their employee healthcare expenses.

With new legislation, employers are faced with two choices: Expensive full coverage health insurance or inefficient and disparate discount plans.

BenefitsPal addresses the gap in coverage by providing a complete all-in-one service and benefit plan under one administrator with full membership support.

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How Does BenefitsPal Work?

BenefitsPal can be implemented easily on or off-cycle.

  • Client completes registration
  • Membership Kit arrives via mail
  • The kit provides an explanation of savings opportunities, as well as two membership cards
  • Members can find additional providers and service info by visiting
  • Customer support is available by email at
  • Members can immediately access their benefits at the time of service
  • As a broker, you have access to client utilization reports for select products

BenefitsPal Client Packages

  • HealthPal

  • HealthPal Premier

  • LifePal

    $11.50* | $19.50*
    Individual Family
  • BenefitsPal Premier

    $21.50* | $29.50*
    Individual Family
  • BenefitsPal Prime

    $26.50* | $34.50*
    Individual Family
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*100% employer paid per month pricing. For additional pricing options see packages page.

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